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Welcome to Evil Minions, since 1999, the preferred sub-contractor to Overlords, both Evil and Benevolent throughout the Multiverse.

We are dedicated to the very best in un-thinking, slavish devotion to those who seek power, adulation and total control over all they survey. And if we get a little power and fame along the way, so be it!

minion (min-yan) n. 1. One who is esteemed or favored. 2. a. An obsequious follower : SYNCOPHANT, HENCHMAN, LACKEY

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  • The WhiteboardThe exploits of a paintballin' genius tinkerer. Did I mention that he's in Alaska? And a Polar Bear?
  • Sinfest If you aren't reading this, you're missing out on one of the better comics out there. Reminds me of the early days of Bloom County, but with a hip, street, edge :-) (At least according to "slick".)
  • User Friendly. The best comic on the Internet Pitr, or perhaps Sid, may be a match for the BOFH.
  • Questionable ContentThis may be my new favorite comic of all time! I found it late one Friday night and spent hours reading all 994 episodes in two looong sessions. Indie music, witty repartee from smart hipsters who actually think and feel. Oh, and a robot. (Three years later I'm still reading it.)
  • Sluggy Freelance Bun-bun is the official mascot of Evil Minions. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic.

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Truths, Myths, Urban Legends

  • It's not News, It's Fark.com
  • Metacritic - the best video game and movie review site on the planet.

Evil! (and other fun)


  • ThinkGeek - the best in weird, fun, new stuff


  • ARPANET license plateARPA.NET Before there was an Internet, there was the ARPANET. Some folks are dedicated to reminding us what came before...

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